Friday, December 12, 2008

The Whole Gang!

Here is the entire Miederhoff gang!
Starting in the upper left hand corner is my oldest brother John with his girlfriend Sarah and his son J.T. (John Thomas the 4th) Next is my sister Sandi and her crew. Next to Johnny is my oldest neice Sara, Justin, that's Jared one of the twins peeking thru, then Scott (my bro-in-law) followed by Jordyn the other twin, then Sandi right above dad is Sandi's other two daughters Shana and Sam (Samantha) Yup count them that's 6 kiddos!! Okay then theres, my clan, above us is Stacey (my wonderful twin) right below us is my older brother Shawn and his wife Diane and their adorable son Tommy. Last but not least Jayna the baby sister holding lil' Matti and on the other side of mom and pop is Jay's hubby Chris. Yup that's all of us. We had this taken for mom for Xmas. We haven't had a decent pic in a long time. I think this might be a new tradition for our clan! Don't we look good!!

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