Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Random Pics

Ping Pong is huge at family gatherings. Here my brother Shawn and my neice Samantha are playing against our nephew Justin and our brother-in-law Chris. Can't remember who won - I just remember they were loud!! :)

Here's a pic of me and my favorite aunt Jeanne. We were teaching her to play golf the card game--she ended up kicking our butts!! She is an amazing women. She has been battling breast cancer. I just love her!

Aaron and Tommy where hiding here on the steps. God only knows what these two were talking about!!

The boys were 'fishing' in the playroom. They were cracking me up. That's whats great about kids. They had no idea how to play the game so they just made up their own rules!! This garage sale find kept them entertained for a LONG time!! Good job G'ma!!

Her are the girls they took all the chairs and tried to play musical chairs. Only they didn't know how to play so they just played school. The play room at g'ma's is a wonderful thing. Those kiddos run straight for that room to see what new toys G'ma has stocked in there!! It's great for us parents b/c we can enjoy grown up time while they are enjoying cousin time!! Mom really put a lot of thought in designing her home it makes the holidays and family gatherings so nice because of her careful planning. Thanks mom!

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