Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Nancy has a direct line to Santa. So she invited the big guy over for a short visit. The kiddos thought it was amazing!! It was very nice of Nancy to include my lil sis and Matti to join in the fun (Lydia and Matti go to the same sitter).
This is Matti and Izzy on Santa's knee. Matti's not sure what to think!

Izzy had a list a mile long of what she wanted from Santa. Santa did a great job of explaining that sometimes he likes to give surprizes so kids shouldn't be disappointed that they didn't get what they asked for. (I'm sure it was over their heads but it was nice!)

Lydia and Izzy sharing Santa's lap.

Santa started his visit by sitting there doing tricks and talking to the kids which really helped them warm up to him before sitting on his lap. Most of his jokes were over the heads of the little ones, but he was pretty entertaining for all age groups.

Here's Izzy and G'ma waiting for Santa to arrive. Izzy was sooo excited.

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