Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hay Crew

We were putting up hay tonight and Izzy and Lydi kept me company in the truck.
I have to laugh this is Tony, Dennis and Janet's neighbor (a super nice guy) he's a retired operator so I just thought this was commical how he was picking up hay (figured the operators I work with would enjoy this)
Taking a break while the hay is being put in the barn. Thankfully-I am only asked to drive--and am thankful for that!!
Izzy thought she should climb up and help Aunt Nancy out.

Eatin' Watermelon

Here are the kiddos eating watermelon. They were just so darn cute. There's Izzy(4), the twins Jordyn and Jared(5) and Tommy(3 in July). Mom loved this pic.

The Deck

This is mom and dads deck it runs the entire length of the backside of their house. I love it!! This end where the kids are playing barbies is by mom and dad's bedroom (it is also the future site of a hot tub if dad ever gets his way!)
Here is the other end fo the deck don't ya just love mom's new furniture? It was very comfy I can see why she chose it!
This is just one view from the back. Dad has really been working on the pond. Eventually they would like to make it much bigger but for now it'll do.
The kids (exspecially mine) love to run back and forth across it.

Gatherin' wood

Here we are gathering sticks to try out moms new fire pit (all the kids pitched in and got it for Mother's day) We roasted marshmellows in it. THe kids had a blast.

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's day at my parents house. All the men and some of my sisters however, went to help my brothers girlfriend move(she lives in Clarksville and it is flooding--so there aren't very any pictures of the dad's) The kiddos had a good time swimming.

Follow the leader. MOm wanted to have a fire to roast marshmellows so I made the kiddos gather sticks with me. We looked pretty goofy!

Random Red Power Pics

Read the next post to know what the RED POWER ROUNDUP is--I'm too tired to explain again!! This nice lady was giving rides (for free) to any kiddo wanting one. Izzy loved it (notice the IH shirt--I'm wearing one too)
Our camp site had this awesome playset. It also had an inground pool. So we had a great time when we needed a break from tractors. WE've decided to camp there again--just for a short get away!
This is Tracto. It was made completely from Tractor parts (IH of course) Aaron knows the guy who was displaying this (he used to have a museum in Moscow Mills) He bought Izzy the Tracto book and had it signed by the author. It is a cute keepsake--unfortunately she doesn't get to play/read it its' put on the shelf with hsi tractor collection for when she's older. But it was a nice suprise gift!!
Here's Izzy milking a cow in one of the exhibit halls. She thought it was pretty neato.
THis is a map where you put a pin in from whereever you are from. It gives you a pretty good idea how far some travel for this.


Okay so I am going to be 100% honest ---I DID NOT WANT TO GO TO THIS THING!!---but it turns out I had a blast and now I want to go to more of them. Next year it is Wisconsin and we are planning to attend. This roundup was held in Columbia, MO since it was so close to home Aaron and his dad decide to enter their Farmall 350 in the show. Aaron was so proud. He had so much fun telling me all about the tractors. He was like a little kid. I couldn't help but enjoy it. I even learned lots of new interesting things!! For instance did you know International Harvester produced Cub Cadet lawn mowers--I KNOW--i had no idea!! I also learned that Int'l made fridges, freezers, washer, dryers and stuff like that--who knew!! (FYI if you watch Friends, Monica's fridge is an International!--you never know it might come up as a trivia question--you can thank me later!) Seriously though I had fun!

A sea of red tractors.
Not sure what this is but it looked neat
This seriously cracked me up. This tractor is powered by people!! It has 8 bicycle seats with pedals in it!!! Who thinks of this crap?? It was pretty entertaining to look at!


Doesn't our camper look good? No, not the brown one . . .

Ours is the hippy seventies green one!!!

We went camping at Cottonwoods RV park in Columbia and we pull in to see all these REALLY nice and expensive campers (i mean RVs) and here we are in the OLDEST one on site. Golly, I was proud!! Actually we had a great time and I am looking forward to camping again. Izzy loves her bunk/loft bed!! It did get a little crowded on Friday when it was raining. But luckily the sun came out mid morning and we could escape, i mean leave the camper! The brown RV belongs to a really nice retired couple from Penn. Most everyone in the camp site around us were farmers in for the Red Power ROundup we were surrounded by cattle farmers from Neb. Pig farmers from Iowa, retired farmer from Penn. and people from Texas.

Jen's wedding

June 7, 2008 Jen Davis and Justin Neihoff were wed. We have known Jen (Jenny) Davis since we were little kids. Stac and Jen roomed together at Lindenwood also. Stac was the maid of honor so here are some snapshots from the reception. She had a beautiful outdoor wedding. I loved her colors (tropical blue and white)
opps sorry this pic is really bad. (yes there really is that bad of a height differnce between us--we both had short heels on!)
My camera sucks--that or Aaron takes really bad pics??? Anyhoo--too bad you can't see Jay's preggo belly--she is so cute (and round) We all had a good time together!

Washing the Gator

We got home from work and our neighbor was washing his truck. Well Izz loves Kevin so she decided to be like him and wash her gator. She had a pretty good time and she didn't do too bad of a job!!


Here are some snapshots of Izzy playing in the backyard of Uncle Chris and Aunt Jayna's yard with her cousins, Jared and Jordyn.
Uncle Chris was trying to teach them to play with a hoola hoop but it didn't really work out too well! Chris was too sneaky for me to get a shot of him shaking his hips!!

Summer has begun!!

Summer has officially started!! This was Izzy's first time swimming this summer! It was the weekend before father's day. It was a pretty hot day we were in Bellflower getting our camper ready for the following weekend while gma and gpa took the girls swimming. Izzy has regressed from last summer. We had to revert back to the floaties, but give her time and she'll be swimming like a fish again!!!

What a fun pool toy gma!! Izzy had quite the time getting AND staying on her zebra--but i was able to get a quick shot before the wild zebra bounced her off!!

Goodbye Jodi

I am so very sad. This is Izzy's last day with our beloved babysitter. I hate to even call Jodi that. She was more like Izzy's second mom. She has lovingly cared for Izzy since she was about 8 wks old. We will dearly miss having her take care of Izabella. Jodi we love you!! I can't believe is will be pre-k in the fall. It is going by much too quickly!!


Izzy's last day at Jodi (the ultimate babysitter) was the end of May. She decided she wanted to make pink cupcakes like her new favorite storybook. So here she is making them (seriously what other four yr old do you know that can crack an egg??? She obviously does NOT get her cooking talents from her mommy (aka Betty Sh#t Crocker--lovingly nicknamed that by her family)!!!! We had a blast and these photos will go in the cookbook/scrapbook I have been making for her. (as much as she like to cook the darn thing will be full before she is a teenager!!!!)