Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chili Cook Off

Karen and Jay rubbing it in that they placed first and second in the soup category--I'm not jealous REALLY i'm not--just bitter!!! LOL!!!

Snapped a pic of mom and dad playing a round of golf with me, jay, and chris

I'm thinking Matti is gonna grow up to be a card player just like her mommy!! :)

Did i mention that Jay won 2nd for soup, Stac won 2nd in Chili, and mom won 2nd in desserts. What did I win you ask----ZIPPO!!! I will remain 'Betty Shit Crocker" for another year!!! Next year I swear I'm gonna win something!!!!!! :)

Thanks Karen and Brian for a great time!!! It's always a blast with u guys!! :)

Chili/Soup Cook Off

Our friend Brian Clark and Karen Galloway have an annual Chili Contest each year in their shed. WEll this year Karen decided to add the option of making soup. So I entered the soup category, mom entered chili, Stac entered chili, and Jay entered soup. (Aaron would have done soup--but was home iwth the flu!!)
Needless to say mom won again this year (only not for her chili she won for her dessert. It was yummy. Iz got to hlep Brian and his daughter hand out the trophies. Seriously Brian and Karen go all out for this event. It's a blast!!!

Izzy was very disappointed our soup did not win (there were only 3 soups entered--how sad is that!!!


I took Izzy to see the eagle in Clarksville. Didn't think to bring binoculars!! Duh!! She thought it was pretty cool. We were there a short time before heading to mom and dads. I was a nice afternoon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

VOTE 4 ME!!!

I am up for an award for my blog post on my stamping blog. I'm asking that everyone who visits this blog go to tip junkie and vote for my entry as the frugual stamper. Here's the address


Here's my orginal post if u r interested.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundhog day!!

So for Groundhog day I found these super cute cupcakes to make. Since I couldn't make them for her preschool class--I sent in all the ingredients and the Pre-K teachers let the kiddos make them. (INSANE!)
Anyhoo--Ms. Ann sent this pic to my phone this morning to show me how they turned out. Izzy did a pretty good job!! Just had to share!!!