Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chili Cook Off

Karen and Jay rubbing it in that they placed first and second in the soup category--I'm not jealous REALLY i'm not--just bitter!!! LOL!!!

Snapped a pic of mom and dad playing a round of golf with me, jay, and chris

I'm thinking Matti is gonna grow up to be a card player just like her mommy!! :)

Did i mention that Jay won 2nd for soup, Stac won 2nd in Chili, and mom won 2nd in desserts. What did I win you ask----ZIPPO!!! I will remain 'Betty Shit Crocker" for another year!!! Next year I swear I'm gonna win something!!!!!! :)

Thanks Karen and Brian for a great time!!! It's always a blast with u guys!! :)

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