Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Babler State Park, Wildwood

After Rombachs we go down the road to eat a picinic at Babler State Park. After the picinic some of us went to the conservation visitors center. Izzy had a blast in there! There was all sorts of stuff to look at. It was like a mini field trip!! :)

More Boo Crew!

Izzy was in the middle of a yawn --she normally smiles better than this!

We do this pic every year. Mom was named after Judy Garland the actress who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

The BOO Crew!

Another year at Rombach's Pumpkin Patch! Mom made us all matching shirts--we were the talk of the place!!

Our lil' Golfer

Aaron finally found Izzy her own set of golf clubs--she's a lefty so it took awhile. Now everyday after school she wants to go hit balls. (I wish i was that enthusatic about golf!) The clubs are still too long for her--but she still uses them. Every so often she actually hits the ball the first time! LOL! It's super sweet to watch aaron work with her tho! He's such a good dad!

Birthday Party

This was Izzy's second bday party of hte year (Kindergarten is going to get expensive at this rate!!) LOL! This party was a dress up tea party. Izzy had a great time adn didn't want to leave. (it was a slumber party --but i wouldn't let Izzy spend the night--I'm not ready for that yet--she is only 5!!!) It was cute to see all the girls (it was also extremely LOUD to see all the girls--wowzer they are high pitched!!!)

Cheerleading Clinic

Izzy participated in her first cheerleading clinic. We quickly learned she is NOT a coordinated dancer!!! LOL!! She was dancing the opposite of everyone else. She was a RIOT!!! OMG there were several moms laughing with me. One mom said wow that little girl in front definately dances to her own beat!!! I was busting up laughing after i turned and said yup, that's my girl! U should have seen the mom's face--I told her don't worry anyone who knows Izzy knows she's a unique child!!! It was priceless!!! She could shake it tho!!

Science Center

On Grandparents day we visited the science center with Gma Janet and Gpa Dennis. Unforunately I did not get a single photo of them! :( We decided Izzy was a little too young for the Science Center just yet!

Bellflower prawns!

In August some friends of ours "harvested" their experiment of raising fresh water prawns or Bellflower shrimp! It was a pretty interesting process--muddy but interesting. Izzy had a great time--and the shrimp were excellent !!!