Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Afternoon

Easter afternoon I invited my mom and dad and some of my siblings (the other 2 were working so we had a complete easter celebration on Palm Sunday) So I decided to hide some easter eggs for the kiddos. Here's Tommy getting an egg out of my lillies.Here's a shot of izzy casually hunting eggs--why couldn't she be this laid back in the morning when hunting eggs with her other cousin????? LOL!
Matti hunting eggs, using the super sweet bag that Meg gave Izzy her easter gifts in! Perfect lil "basket" for miss Matti

Aunt Stacey entertaining the little people with her mad bubble skills! LOL! She's such a great aunt b/c she's still a kid herself!!! :)

Jayna looking very festive for the day!

Competitive Easter Egg huntin!!!

Easter Sunday ended up being a beautiful day but for a short while it looked like it was going to be a bad storm. I took this picture while hunting eggs--kinda eerie isnt' it?
Izzy and Lydia were/are very competitive (no matter how much we lectured izzy about sharing). They turned the easter egg hunt into a all out war!! Lydia's basket got too heavy so she improvised!!!
Here they are comparing baskets and worried about who got the right eggs (these are teh eggs we decorated the day before-so they each want the ones they decorated!)

Izzy saw Lydi so then of course she had to do the same thing!!!! (remember these are hard boiled dyed eggs--I was worried (freaking out) she'd end up ruining her dress!!)
This last photo will go down in history! My dainty little girl noticed the last egg at the exact moment Lydia noticed it. BOth take off running. Only my lil princess decided she REALLY wanted that egg so she proceeds to dive (i'm talking homeplate winning run dive!!!). THank goodness Nancy got it on video so I can play it over and over again when izzy gets older!!! Anyway this is how she looked after she got up and was forced to give the prize egg to Lydia (i know I'm such a mean mom!!) She ruined her cute lil polka dot tights and her knees were both bleeding--and poor kid didn't even get the egg!!! LOL!!! Maybe someday she'll be a dainty little girl just not today while hunting easter eggs. :)

Easter Sunday

Here is Izzy hunting her easter eggs at the Freymuths on Easter Sunday.
We TRIED getting some good pics of Gparents/gkiddos together--NOT fun and not easy!!! Not one of mine were a good shot someone was always making a face or looking the wrong direction!!! VERY FRUSTRATING--I seriously don't know how photographers do it!!!! :)

A cute family pic (if only aaron would smile!)

All three grandkids. Love Levi in his tie!!!
This is the sweetest picture. Dennis gave Levi his tie tack from when he was a kid--it was just so sweet and i was glad i was able to get a picture of it!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hawk Point Boosters Egg Hunt!

I take Izzy to the HP easter egg hunt every year. This year we included Miss Matti. This was by far the largest group of kids I've ever seen there!!! Ridiculous actually, I liked it because it was so small. Oh well, times they are a changin!!! Because there were so many kiddos competiting, Tommy only got one egg, Matti got 3, and Iz got 2. None of them got a stuffed animal. But they were content to have their candy and quarters. Hopefully Izzy's cousins will make this thier new tradition too?

Coloring Easter Eggs

I hosted our annual Easter egg coloring day. We did it Saturday morning. I love the smell of vinegar and boiled eggs! (just kidding) Izzy really gets into doing them. We've pretty well just gone to basic dyes and the wax crayon. They love to be able to write on them and then see it come thru after it's been colored. So fun to watch their faces. This year I had Matti over too. She was a hoot!!! She definately did not like the taste of the dye--she kept trying to taste it--finally she got some! Too bad my camera wasnt near me!!! LOL! Really I'm a good babysitter (wink, wink) We did approx. 10 dozen eggs. It was a good morning of eggs and vinegar!!!

First Ball Practice!!

Izzy had her first baseball practice last week. Talk about emotions--i was excited, scared, nervous, happy, sad. You name it I was feeling it!! I'm excited for her b/c I think she'll love it. Scared she'll hate it-and me because I'm making her play. Nervous she'll get hurt--b/c she is a space cadet!! LOL--no really. . . and happy and sad because she's growning up so fast. It doesn't seem like we should be at this stage in our life Kindergarten, baseball, etc. My baby is no longer a baby!