Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Tours

Okay so my previous post was never finished. (Life is just crazy!) Anyhoo. I wanted to be part of a Virtual home tour but missed the date. So here's my tour (partly--I'll post more later) IF you are interested here's the link to the virtual tour (I LOVED seeing the homes--very motivating I got several great ideas for next year --if I remember them!!!!!!!!!)

Home Tours

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Home Tour

Here is a look at my kitchen cabinets. I try to incorporate Christmas items into as much of my decore as possible. Since my kitchen is accented with red--Christmas decorations work perfectly.

This is a close up of my china cabinet. I love getting out my Christmas China. Hopefully you can see it on the top shelf. I even sprinkle in some holly and red ball ornaments to give it more pops of color.

Here is the full view. Sorry the bottom shelf is kinda cluttered in the corner. Gotta find a home for my new picture mat--it's covering my SL dress me up plate. Anyhoo--I like to fill my big glass jars with brightly colored ornaments. This year I chose to do all red. Last year on the lower shelf I took a two tiered cookie tray holder and spread out all my antique ornaments on it. It was pretty cute!

This Charlie Brown tree sits on the oppisite wall of the china cabinet. This is our favorite little tree to decorate. We simply put all our christmas cookie cutters (and some non Christmas) all over the tree. I collect 1950's red handled kitchen utensils so my mom painted tons of miniture utensils with red tips and had dad drill a hole in them. THey are so cute!

Izzy's preschool program

Izzy's preschool Christmas program was last night. I absolutely love seeing all those litte kiddos dressed up! They were so cute! Here are some random completely out of order shots from the night.
This is G'ma/G'pa posing with their grandaughters after the program in church.

Meg, Izzy, and G'ma Janet posing at the Woods Fort rest.

Obviously our little princess doesn't get out enough. She was so impressed with the fancy napkins and fancy water glass. (it's not like the usual McDonalds!) She was so ladylike!! (well except for the napkin tucked in her dress!!

Izzy was posing after Aunt Jayna curled her hair. ( I just love it all curly!!) Not sure what this pose is all about. I think she's gonna be a super model some day! LOL!

Jayna curling Izzy's hair. The kid kept squirming around. All I can say is Jayna has the patience of a saint when it comes to fixing or cutting little kids hair--exceptially Izzys! Thanks Jayna she looked adorable!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homemade Gifts

Here are some of the homemade gifts. This the snowman that Jayna made. Her handy dandy hubby cut the wooden snowman out and then Jayna painted it and added the details! Very cute!

Mom embrodered a black bag for each of us. She also made each of us a Xmas sweatshirt. Sorry i was wearing the cute sweatshirt at the time of picture taking!

Here's the gifts I made. Each person received a small and large cake pedestal. I just glued (used fancy glass glue) a clear glass dinner plate onto a flat candlestick holder (thank goodness for the dollar store!!) I think they turned out super cute. I think they look great stacked on top of each other--but they can do whatever they want with them!

Homemade Gifts

Here are some more handmade gifts from my family members. THis first one is from Sarah. She has a custom framing/matting business. She does a FABULOUS job!!

Sandi made homemade scrapbooks for us. They are actually made from wood. It looks like she took a lot of time on these!! Can't wait to fill mine up!

Diane gave each of us microwave potatoe bags. She says they are really cool to use. Can't wait to try mine out--I got a whole case of sweet potatoes that I need to use up!! LOL

Stac gave us each individual dip mixes. She gave us quite a few. Then she bought (CHEATER!!) cute little ceramic dip holders. The dip goes in top and ice is below. It's a really cute gift idea! If any one is interested in making their own dips or seasonings here's the site I recommend!

Sara made these adorable photo trees! They turned out super cute. She even made them to leave out year round. We can change the ribbon and take the star off! Very cute (this one was my fav!)
Okay so I forgot to include any pictures of Jayna from the cookie making extravaganza! So here ya go Jayna, happy??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees

Mom has several Christmas trees. This year as I was dodging my cookie baking jobs I decided to walk around the house and post pics of her trees. THis first phot is on the Mr. and Mrs. Clause mom made a LONG time ago. When we were little they always sat on the China cabinet. We'd always get in trouble for playing with the tiny packages and toys in Santa's sack! This is one of my favorite decorations fo mom's (may not be the cutest but it has many memories attached to it!)

We'll start with the Gingerbread tree. Moms kitchen upstairs is decorated completly with gingerbread men. So of course this particular tree is covered with different gingerbread ornaments.

The downstairs kitchen is decorated in old Coca Cola theme. So this tree is covered in only Coca Cola ornaments and items related.

This tree is the first thing you see coming down the stairs to the basement. THis is moms "memory tree" Basically it has all our old ornamnets from when we were kids and it has our handmade ornaments on it also. It's a hodge podge of items and it's our favorite tree! It reminds me of being a kid!

Lastly, this is the fancy blue and silver tree in living room upstairs. Its very pretty when it the lights are on!

I'll post my trees later!

Annual Cookie Making

This past Sunday was the Sisters annual cookie making day. (and what a LONG day it is!) Here are a few pics from the day. We start with making cookies, then break for lunch, this year we each brought something to add to a salad bar, then we bake again, eventually we break and open our handmade gifts. I'll have to go home and take pics of all my gifts. WE have some very talentd ladies in the family. The rule is to spend $5 or less and the gift needs to be homemade. Of course, everyone tries to outdo each other and meke some really unique gift. (not me, I took the easy way! I made cake pedestal plates--I glued a clear glass plate on top of a candlestick holder!! Super EASY and quick too! I'll post a pic later!
Here are me and stac posing for a pic, not sure who Stac is looking at??

Sara and Diane setting up for lunch.

Sarah making her fudge. It turned out really good!!

Sara putting more cookies onto the pool table. Ridiculous how many cookies we make!

Sandi and me (don't I look happy to be in the picture!!)


Nancy has a direct line to Santa. So she invited the big guy over for a short visit. The kiddos thought it was amazing!! It was very nice of Nancy to include my lil sis and Matti to join in the fun (Lydia and Matti go to the same sitter).
This is Matti and Izzy on Santa's knee. Matti's not sure what to think!

Izzy had a list a mile long of what she wanted from Santa. Santa did a great job of explaining that sometimes he likes to give surprizes so kids shouldn't be disappointed that they didn't get what they asked for. (I'm sure it was over their heads but it was nice!)

Lydia and Izzy sharing Santa's lap.

Santa started his visit by sitting there doing tricks and talking to the kids which really helped them warm up to him before sitting on his lap. Most of his jokes were over the heads of the little ones, but he was pretty entertaining for all age groups.

Here's Izzy and G'ma waiting for Santa to arrive. Izzy was sooo excited.

Cookie Making

Izzy and I decided to make cookies last Saturday. Yes I cheated and bought pre made dough!! This blogger crap is putting my photos all out of order. Not sure how to fix that! Anyhoo here she is my lil' Betty Crocker! (just be happy she is dressed this time--normally she is naked when she cooks!!!) No I don't know where she gets that from!!!

This rolling pin used to be my grandmothers. Mom gave it to me, and eventually I'll give it to Iz.

Night of 1,000 Stars

Here are some of my pics from the Night of 1,000 Stars. We always get there super early so Aaron can start holding a spot in line to see Santa. This year were were like the tenth in line. This year is was FREEZING! (actually it has been worse) Of course, my camera quit by the time we got in to see Santa (I was P.O.ed pretty bad!!) So unfortunately no pics of Santa.
THis is a pic of the horse and carriage that Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on. Very cool!

This is Izzy waiting in for Santa. You can sort of make out the cabin in the background where Santa will sit. (it's nice and cozy with a fireplace!)

Sorry here's a sideways pic of Izzy and her dad while waiting in line.

While we were waiting in line Izzy and I decided to go for a walk. We bumped into this scary female Santa handing out coupons. Izzy was a little scared at first (for good reason!!) LOL but it turns out this is my only photo of a Santa for the night!! LOL.

More Pics

I'm sure everyone is sick of looking at our family pics. But I have to show off my one and only Izzy!! All the shots that Christy took were fabulous!

Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Little Indians

Here's Gma and Gpa with their 10 little indians. (that's all the grandkids!) We also so had the entire group pic taken in front of these burning bushes, it was cute but the rocks were my favorite!!

LOL--I just went and looked at all my posts. Check out my dad's face. He looks exactly the same in all of them!! P.S. that IS his happy face!!! LOL