Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees

Mom has several Christmas trees. This year as I was dodging my cookie baking jobs I decided to walk around the house and post pics of her trees. THis first phot is on the Mr. and Mrs. Clause mom made a LONG time ago. When we were little they always sat on the China cabinet. We'd always get in trouble for playing with the tiny packages and toys in Santa's sack! This is one of my favorite decorations fo mom's (may not be the cutest but it has many memories attached to it!)

We'll start with the Gingerbread tree. Moms kitchen upstairs is decorated completly with gingerbread men. So of course this particular tree is covered with different gingerbread ornaments.

The downstairs kitchen is decorated in old Coca Cola theme. So this tree is covered in only Coca Cola ornaments and items related.

This tree is the first thing you see coming down the stairs to the basement. THis is moms "memory tree" Basically it has all our old ornamnets from when we were kids and it has our handmade ornaments on it also. It's a hodge podge of items and it's our favorite tree! It reminds me of being a kid!

Lastly, this is the fancy blue and silver tree in living room upstairs. Its very pretty when it the lights are on!

I'll post my trees later!

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