Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretty as a rose!

Izzy decided to pick off one of my roses. So I made her pose with it. She thought it was a fun punishment!

Yippee! It's finished!

We finished the front yard landscaping project!! The fountain should be running this week--Aaron was taking the tub to work to get it welded. So maybe by this weekend it will all come together! I think when everything fills in it will look really nice.


NEVER turn your back to a running water hose!! Izzy decided to get even with me. I am safe on the inside of the house! It seriously took me 15 minutes to get safely out of the house and turn the faucet off!! Little stinker!! It was pretty entertaining!!

Water Play!

These photos were taken the weekend before Memorial wknd (You remember how nice that weekend weather was!) Izzy decided to put her swimsuit on and play--no problem THE NEXT PHOTO IS THE PROBLEM. . .
I came out to find her shampooing her hair!!! The "neighbors" had a field day making fun of us!! That's my girl! Golly, she makes us proud!
This was my payback for making us (her parents) look bad!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grandpa Johnny

After Izzy's preschool program we went to get Ice cream. I decided to snap a few photos of Izzy and my dad working together--they were playing a SERIOUS game of tic-tac-toe!! It was pretty funny--Iz finally started to figure it out after dad won 5 games!

Family Photos

We had to get some photos of G'ma and G'pa with Izzy all dressed up tonight. These are my parents, Grandpa 'Johnny' and G'ma Judy Here's Aaron's parent, Pa-Pa Dennis and G'ma Janet

This is not one of our better family photos--but they are getting few and far between so this one will have to do!

Seriously would it hurt G'pa Johnny to smile???

Preschool Program

Izzy's preschool spring program was tonight. She looked so cute I decided we would go out and take a picture. These turned out a little nicer than her Easter pics did! First Step Preschool Spring Program
I am absolutely amazed at what these teachers can do. These childern are never able to practice all together--and yet you would never know it !! Izzy's 3and4 year old class did the Pledge, a scripture, and a song. I was amazed she's able to say the Pledge. Ms. Donna did an excellent job.

All the kiddos were cute, but some were just down right adorable. We had a great time laughing at the younger kids. There was a whole lot of dress lifting, squirming, waving, and off key singing going on tonight!!! I must admit it does make me sad--she's growing up entirely too fast!!

It's snowing mommy!

I was in the shower and Izzy comes running in to tell me it's snowing. Naturally, I was confused I mean it is May! So after patiently waiting for me to get out of the shower she directed me to the deck. It's hard to explain to a four year old that this is not snow but hail. Lots and lots of hail!!! So she now looks at it as ice cubes from heaven. Kids have a way with words don't ya think!


Izzy is definately a Tomboy, she spent most of Saturday helping her daddy work on our landscaping the entire time she was digging for worms. She wanted to go fishing Sat. night--Unfortunately their fishing trip was cut short due to rain.

Here she is proudly showing her prize worm!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boys and their Toys!!

Aaron rented this big toy to get the driveway ready for an extention and also so we can finally have a sidewalk. Yipee!

Wow this looks bad!

Concrete Time!

Seriously they made this look way to easy! I think that's why you see so many St. Peter's Street workers standing around! (I just know I'm going to get in trouble with this post!!) Honestly they did a whole lot more of sitting around drinking and BS-ing than actual labor. Just kidding they did break a sweat. They earned their cold beverages. Thank you so much for doing this guys!

Aaron is in the bright yellow/green shirt. Chris is helping move the concrete. (His wife Tammy came over --she's a blast, then their poor daughter Kylie (aka izzy's new best friend) was stuck with Izzy. That girl has the patience of a Saint. She is the most well mannered sweetest nine year old I think we've ever met. Most big kids tell Izzy to buzz off. She was great with her--I'm thinking she's gonna be a great babysitter in the future!

Here's Frank (in the shorts--looking so serious) Aaron car pools with him to work each week. He's a great guy--and he's single ladies!!!

This is Frank and Mark. I have to be nice to Mark --he has bad stories of me from the last time we all went out!! He's a really fun guy and his wife Tina, is hysterical!! (she reminds me of Robbyn!) Aaron is very lucky to have such great people to work with!!

Wonder why I keep getting pics of all their butts?? I'm starting to think St. Peters could make money selling calendars of their employees!!!! What do ya think ladies??

Leaving her mark!

Here's Izzy putting her prints in the new extention of the driveway.

Yippee! We have a SIDEWALK!

We are moving on up here in the big town of Hawk Point!! Our stamped sidewalk turned out really well. (I had my doubts -but Aaron and his buddies did excellent work!)

Izzy just thought she was big stuff putting her hands in the concrete! There is a penny inbetween her hands--it's the year she was born. We hope it brings good luck!!

What happened?!!!

We must of had one hell of a wind storm Friday morning! Wasn't this a nice picture to come home to. Izzy was pretty upset! Her little playhouse was blown several feet (it was upside down) The neighbor even had my mailbox cover in her flowerbed!! And yet our back deck had a baby doll on the table--didn't move an inch--Crazy!!

Random Party Pics

I was trying to get a good pic of Aaron but it didn't really turn out to well.

Here's a pic of Lydia opening her gifts. Unfortunately Lydia is not in the pic b/c Aunt Steph is not a very good photographer! Lydia is the blur in the bottom left corner (I think!)
Can you believe Nancy decorated this cake!!
She did and AWESOME job.


Leave it to little kids--they are completly surrounded by fun toys and this is where we find them--rolling down the hill!!!


This is Aunt Nancy's horse Daisy. Izzy is apprently quite the horse lover. I swear nothing scares this kid. She just gets right in there and walks around!

Fun at Lydia's b-day party

Grandma Janet rented a bouncy-ball thingy for Lydia's 2nd birthday. It was the hit of the party! I will admit it did get quite rowdy at times but the kiddos had a blast!