Sunday, April 5, 2009

We found out some terrible news at our Ultrasound on March 23. Our son had anacephaly. It's a birth defect in which the brain and head do not form. We lost our son on March 27. It was a heartbreaking day for all of us. I wanted to share some special moments I photographed at his burial service on April 4, 2009. We had everyone release a white balloon. Each balloon had a poem and Ben's footprints on them. It was beautiful to watch the balloons take off and then land in the trees surrounding the cemetary!! We couldn't help but laugh!
I loved the cross that Aaron and I picked out from Charolette's flowers. They did a wonderful job with it. I went back today to get the butterfly (I wanted to keep it in his scrapbook)

Here we are getting the balloons before we started the service. Fr. Mike Freymuth and Sr. MaryAnn Fischer did a beautiful job with the service. The reading were very fitting. Although it was extremely sad, I felt peace as my whole family surrounded us and prayed with us. I know in my heart Ben is happy in heaven.

Here is the poem I read at the cemetary. I think it is beautiful!!

Whisper Goodbye
By: Linda Kane

Today, I was nestled, safe and warm
beneath your heart.
I was wrapped in a dream,
and surrounded by your love.

Then, like a rainbow that all
too quickly disappears,
I had to go, and I left behind
broken hearts and tears.

I know you will never hear
my footsteps down the hall.
But, listen with your heart
for my whispers in the wind.


Aunt Jayna and cousin Matti stopped over for a visit. We couldn't resist putting her in my giant tea cup (meant for a live plant--not a baby!!)

Lil' Farm Girl

Yes, that's my little girl licking a salt block!!! Daddy and Gpa thought it was soooooo funny---they even took pictures. DO u think they could have told her to, oh I don't know. . . STOP licking the salt block!!!! Oh, no they couldn't do that it was soooo funny!!! Disgusting!!!
Hard working little girl!! Aaron was loving his little tom girl helping out on the farm!!

Izzy's 5th Birthday!

Okay for Izzy's actual bday she wanted a Tinkerbell cake. SO here is my attempt at decorating a cake.
I used this card as my idea. I had to free hand the cake which is why Tinkerbell looks oriental!! LOL --It looked like poo but tasted good!!! :)

Make a wish

Izzy's 5th Birthday!

Here are more pics of Izzy's bday at Incredible Pizza. Gma Judy playing her very first game of skee ball--what a deprived life she has had can u imagine NEVER playing skee ball!!! LOL!!!

Tommy playing air hockey with Izzy. They were just getting the hang of it when the game was over!!

G'ma and Gpa Miederhoff playing some glow inthe dark minuature golf. The Miederhoff gang had a blast doing this together!! :)

Izzy and Aunt Nancy playing some sort of dance game. It was enough to make me sick!! :)

Izzy's 5th Birthday!

We spent Izzy's birthday at Incredible Pizza. It was a lot of fun for the little kids and more importantly the 'big kids'!!! Here's Gma and Gpa Freymuth on the bumper cars!!!Izzy really enjoyed the bumper cars--once she got the hang of it!!!
Here's all the cousins lined up for a mug shot!