Monday, August 25, 2008

Preggo Jayna

Preggo Jayna STILL has not had her baby--we are ALL anxiously awaiting baby Matti Marie's arrival (the sooner the better--we leave for vac on Wed!!! matti was due on Thurs LAST WEEK!! So I decided to post some preggo pics and some of the baby's room!

She is sooo adorable!! She has officially gained 5 lbs thru this whole pregnancy--She's literally puked her guts up the entire time!! Poor girl!

I absolutely adore the theme of the nursery!! It's so cute the pink and brown. Mom made the curtains and the lady bugs for the walls. The room is really coming together!! Wouldn't it look so much better with a BABY IN IT!!!

Individual pics!



Samantha Josephine


The twins Jared and Jordyn

The Whole Gang!

My sis Sandi had family pics taken recently and I decided to post my favs. She has 6 kiddos (yeah you read that right--she's insane we know!!) Here's the whole gang Sara, Justin, Samantha-Josephine (sami-jo), Shana, Jared, and Jordyn.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look at me!!

Okay so Iz went the dentist this afternoon (just for a cleaning this time) so we decided to meet up with daddy and do some much needed shopping. After shopping for her I decided to run into payless to get some cheapie shoes for me--- this is what I turn around to see. Of course I carry my camera with me everywhere now so I snapped some pics. You should have seen all the people snickering at my little girl. She was strutting her stuff!! (if you can't tell she's wearing some red heels) What a ham!!

PreK here we come!!!

I know I'm one of those geeky moms! I just can't believe she's so grown up (minus the yellow security blankie!) Just think this time next year she will be in kindergarten!!!! That blows my mind!!! We are looking forward to a great year with Ms. Ann at preschool!!

Old Threashers

Aaron finally finished restoring the Farmall M he's worked all winter on. Just in time for the Old Threashers!

There are actually quite a few different activities going on at the Old Threashers (my fav is the tractor games, no pics tho) Among them are the horse driven machines. (not sure what the tech. name would be) But it was pretty neat to watch. On Sat. we watched the horses cut the hay on Sunday they used the horses to rake it. We also watched people use the steam engines to threash and to make silage. There was also a dutch oven cooking contest on Sunday--I was pretty impressed all the different foods they can cook!

Izzy petting one of the work horses on her break!

Steam Engine powered wood cutter?? Not sure exactly what this is called--but you get the idea. The cedar planks that they made smelled great!

Camping at Old Threashers

We chose to camp at the fairgrounds and had a wonderful time. Gpa Dennis came and fried chicken for all of us. It was yummy!

I had to take a pic of the girls playing in Izzy's loft bed inside the camper--they thought they were big stuff up there. Made me a nervous wreck--I finally made them come down!

Just a view of us eating our wonderful meal.

The fairgrounds had some rides for the kiddos. Only two were suitable for Izzy and Lydia so here they are on the tea cups. They were hysterical spinning it around. The other ride was a train.

At night Gma and Gpa stayed to talk. Gma just had knee surgery so she wasn't up to much walking so Izzy and her told stories to each other. Gpa told Izzy a great story about monsters. Guess what woke Izzy up early in the morning?? If you guessed monster you win the prize!! (It was really a donkey--which was extremely loud and could easily be mistaken for a monster!!)

Montgomery Old Threashers

We enjoyed a great weekend at Montgomery Old Threashers Here is a picture of Izzy sitting on Aaron's restored tractor. She's all decked out in Farmall red. She has on her Farmall t-shirt and her red tractor socks (she was pretty proud of herself!)

Izzy's highlight of the weekend was the pony rides. Not quite sure how many rides she took. In this pic she is riding Ernie. (sad that I knew the ponies names!!)

Each day the Old Threashers have the Parade of Power so here is Aaron riding in it. I chose to go out with the girls Friday night so I didn't get any pics of him and his dad riding in the parade in Mont. City. They said it was pretty neat they rode thru town into the fairgrounds. Maybe next year (doubtful if it coincides with the Festival!!)

Riding with daddy!! It was pretty cute she was waving at all the people walking by!!

This one is for the boys I work with. This is an old crane. Believe it or not I actually had a really good time and am looking forward to our five day trip to Iowa in the next few weeks!

Girls Night Out!!

Festival of the Little Hills. It's one of my favorite events of summer! I find such goodies there!! Here are some snapshots of our Friday night out!! I was very impressed Jayna is due Aug. 20 but she made it the entire night!!

We ate at this little winery--can't quite remember the name (it has the outside patio with the fireplaces --Aaron and I like to go there in the fall) Girls really liked it!

This is a pic of mom and my godmother Stephanie (gee, can u guess who I was named after!!) She does this craftshow every year and its a great time to visit with her. She is always right in front of the tabacoo shop if you ever go to the festival stop by and visit her!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Annual Beer Belly BBQ Contest!!

We were invited to Brian and Karen's Annual Beer Belly BBQ Contest in Bellflower. For those of you who don't know it, Karen is considered one of our sisters. She is one of Jayna's best friends and was ALWAYS around the house we they were younger. We got to know Brian really well wehn we all went to Mexico. Brian and Aaron have a lot in common (except Brian is a JD fan!!) He owns a beautiful farm just outside of Bellflower. Brian has a super organized competition for the BBQ with several different categories he also invites the wives/ladies to enter a dessert contest. He actually has trophies made (I should have taken a close up pic they are hysterical with a fat beer bellied man on them!!) I should have gotten a pic of Karen and Brian. I'll get one this weekend and post later!! :)

Okay onto the contest. This year Aaron decided to enter and make Ribs. Mom also decided to enter and make Raspberry Chipotle Chicken (VERY YUMMY and easy!!)

Here's a pic of Aaron's Ribs---TASTY!!

Here's a pic of Karen and Aaron BBQing in the shed. I really think they were having a contest between themselves to see who could drink the most!! Karen won--she makes one heck of a plugged watermelon!!

Here's mom outside with her rigged BBQ grill. Pretty clever dad!! All those other guys had fancy grills and smokers--mom had a weber in a bucket!! LOL!!

And the WINNER IS . . .

Aaron won FIRST Place for his entry in the Pork!! Yeah!!

Mom won 2nd place with her chicken!!

Dessert Contest Entries

Brian and Karen also have a contest for the ladies. Me, Mom, and Stacey all entered desserts. At their Chili Contest in the Winter mom took a trophy home for her chili AND her dessert. So this contest we were all trying to beat mom!! Unfortantly all three of us failed!! I entered a fabulous Cherry Chessecake, Mom enterd a Snickers Cheesecake Pie (YUMM-O) and Stac entered a Chocolate Cherry Truffle Cake (Amazingly good!!) :)

Everyone is also asked to bring a side dish to share. So Izzy and I made these Watermelon cookies. Took way to long for a four year old--she lost interest after cutting out about 12!!! She did enjoy putting the choc. chips on tho!! The kiddos and adults loved the yummy sugar cookies!!
Izzy had a great time at the BBQ but the girls were several years older than Izzy so they were incredible nice and let Izzy tag a long with them. They even tried to teach her to ride a big girl bike!!! It was pretty comical!! She eventually gave up! That or the girls gave up. They also taught her all about Webkins (which she actually has one--but I didn't understand what to do with it--apparently it's all the rage with girls age 7-9) Brian has a computer in the shop and his daughter (who is absolutely adorable!) was teaching us about webkins. Izzy was also the hit of the party thanks to Aunt Stacey. She gave Iz this really cool new ball and a funky frisbee. That's how Izzy lured the big kids around her!! :) Of course she didnt' want to leave and had to hug all her new found friends goodbye!

Here are some random pics taken at the Beerbelly bash!!

Here's a cute pic of Preggo Jayna seriously she is adorable this pic just doesn't do her justice!

We were eating some mighty tasty food! Needless to say my diet/lifestyle change went right out the window this weekend!! It was sooo worth it!!

Not sure who took this pic of our lil' family eating together?

Aaron brought up his washer set and we played a couple games Dad and I were partners. Jayna and Chris are pretty good players--I must say I was suprised!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Swimming Again!!

It seems like we are swimming every weekend!! What a great way to spend the day! We went to my parents on Sunday since it was supposed to be so hot--the water was perfect!! These are just a few snapshots from the day. We are really trying hard to get Izzy to dive correctly. We've decided having her jump through a hoola hoop is helping! She's so much fun in the water!! I'm sure I'll have more swimming pics again this weekend! :)