Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old Threashers

Aaron finally finished restoring the Farmall M he's worked all winter on. Just in time for the Old Threashers!

There are actually quite a few different activities going on at the Old Threashers (my fav is the tractor games, no pics tho) Among them are the horse driven machines. (not sure what the tech. name would be) But it was pretty neat to watch. On Sat. we watched the horses cut the hay on Sunday they used the horses to rake it. We also watched people use the steam engines to threash and to make silage. There was also a dutch oven cooking contest on Sunday--I was pretty impressed all the different foods they can cook!

Izzy petting one of the work horses on her break!

Steam Engine powered wood cutter?? Not sure exactly what this is called--but you get the idea. The cedar planks that they made smelled great!

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