Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camping at Old Threashers

We chose to camp at the fairgrounds and had a wonderful time. Gpa Dennis came and fried chicken for all of us. It was yummy!

I had to take a pic of the girls playing in Izzy's loft bed inside the camper--they thought they were big stuff up there. Made me a nervous wreck--I finally made them come down!

Just a view of us eating our wonderful meal.

The fairgrounds had some rides for the kiddos. Only two were suitable for Izzy and Lydia so here they are on the tea cups. They were hysterical spinning it around. The other ride was a train.

At night Gma and Gpa stayed to talk. Gma just had knee surgery so she wasn't up to much walking so Izzy and her told stories to each other. Gpa told Izzy a great story about monsters. Guess what woke Izzy up early in the morning?? If you guessed monster you win the prize!! (It was really a donkey--which was extremely loud and could easily be mistaken for a monster!!)

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