Monday, August 25, 2008

Preggo Jayna

Preggo Jayna STILL has not had her baby--we are ALL anxiously awaiting baby Matti Marie's arrival (the sooner the better--we leave for vac on Wed!!! matti was due on Thurs LAST WEEK!! So I decided to post some preggo pics and some of the baby's room!

She is sooo adorable!! She has officially gained 5 lbs thru this whole pregnancy--She's literally puked her guts up the entire time!! Poor girl!

I absolutely adore the theme of the nursery!! It's so cute the pink and brown. Mom made the curtains and the lady bugs for the walls. The room is really coming together!! Wouldn't it look so much better with a BABY IN IT!!!

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Dessa Wolf said...

The nursery is just wonderful--I love the theme and colors. Sending good thoughts for an easy and quick delivery. How exciting!