Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's official!!!!!!!!!!

It's official!! My sister Jayna and her husband Chris went and had their first ultrasound today. They found out they are having a little girl! I am SOOOOOO excited. I can't wait to start sharing Izzy's clothes with her. Now if they can just decide on some names. Here's what they have so far: Jaylyn, Matti (our great-grandma's name) , Taylor-Marie (both their middle names) Kadence, and I'm not sure what they've else they've chosen. everytime we see them they chose a new one! For those of you who haven't heard--Izabella has already named her Elizabeth. (would be cute if they chose that for a middle name HINT, HINT) Whatever they chose will be beautiful (they really like the name Bella--but I voted a big fat NO!--sorry that name is taken!!) I'll keep everyone posted if things change. They go back in 4 weeks for another one. They want to check the 4 chambers of her heart. Apparently the little stinker was all curled up and they didn't get a good enough look! (she already sounds alot like her cousin!!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting into Spring!

What kind of flower are you? Thought this would be a fun way to get into Spring. Click the link below to see what type of flower you are.

Here were my results:
stephanie freymuth you are..
a Daffodil
Occupied with oneself
Latin name:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Princess Izzy

Izabella turned four on March 16, 2008. We decided to throw her a Disney princess dress-up party! (I know CRAZY) We had 6 little princess attend. Princess Ava was unable to attend she was missed! The girls had a great time. I was EXAUSTED after the party! Overall it was worth it. Izzy is still talking about her party!

Random birthday pics

Magic Carpets

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the princess' playing the musical magic carpets. Izzy, Aunt Jayna, and mommy colored random pictures from Aladdin. We glued them onto foam sheets and had the princess walk on them. (imagine muscial chairs w/o chairs or cake walk w/o cake ha, ha!!!) If one of the other moms got some photos of this I'll post them.

I also have no pictures of pin the crown on the princess (seriously, I don't need to explain this one) The princess' did okay with this. The picture of Sleeping Beauty was a little too tall so she had 6 crowns stuck on her face and chest!! (FYI if you decide to do a game like this--it's a good idea to measure at least one kid--for real I thought they were taller!!) I can hear you laughing at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance Time!

We turned on some disney music and away they danced! It got a little rowdy. Izzy just knocked down Princess Sadie!

Walking like a princess!

This was a time filler game. I explained and demonstrated how a princess walks straight and tall. In order to walk like a princess they had to practice walking with books on their head. Each princess was given the disney book of choice and practiced walking. They eventually got into it and started cheering for each other! They really didn't understand as you can see Izzy HELD the book on her head. (CHEATER!!!)

Pass the Poison Apple!

This game was based upon Snow White. The girls had to pass the apple and whoever had the apple when the music stopped fell asleep! So right now Princess Jordyn is sleeping. (Look, I really thought this was creative, unfortunately the girls' attention did not last.) Lydia however was obsessed with the apple. Check out the other photos in most of them she has the apple!!! Hysterical!


After playing games. We decided to open presents. The gift giver was able to sit next to Izzy as she opened her gift. Who knew something soooo simple as that would make the girls feel so important. They loved sitting next to Izzy and watch her open their gift. Here is Princess Julia with Iz.

Walking the red carpet

We made a 'red carpet' for the girls to walk on as they entered our castle!! (I thought it was cute!)

The birthday cakes!