Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magic Carpets

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the princess' playing the musical magic carpets. Izzy, Aunt Jayna, and mommy colored random pictures from Aladdin. We glued them onto foam sheets and had the princess walk on them. (imagine muscial chairs w/o chairs or cake walk w/o cake ha, ha!!!) If one of the other moms got some photos of this I'll post them.

I also have no pictures of pin the crown on the princess (seriously, I don't need to explain this one) The princess' did okay with this. The picture of Sleeping Beauty was a little too tall so she had 6 crowns stuck on her face and chest!! (FYI if you decide to do a game like this--it's a good idea to measure at least one kid--for real I thought they were taller!!) I can hear you laughing at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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