Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Again???

Yup one last trip to the pumpkin patch. Aaron didn't get to go with me and Izzy to Eagle Fork so we decided to go this Sunday. Needless, to say I'm sick of pumpkin patches!!! But we had a good time and Izzy got to ride on a hayride.

Izzy picking a pumpkin

Here we are on the hayride. We had a good time Charlie the owner talked to us for most of the ride. (he was teaching his grandson to drive the tractor) I didn't realize Aaron was their very first employee (he was in the 7th grade and worked until he was sophmore in college) So now I understand why he wants to go each year. They had a great time talking about how much the place has changed. I learned that aaron helped build most of the trail. IT really was a fun afternoon.

Wow don't they both look happy I'm making them take this pic!!

Princess Cowgirl!

So we asked Izzy what she wanted to be for Halloween. She answers us with a cowgirl. . no a Princess Cowgirl. So how the heck are we gonna do this?? Leave it to me to make my child look like a freak!!! Seriously this costume looked much cuter in my head!!! I made her a red tutu (not fun!!) and we added the red hat and boots.

Since these pics have been taken I've added the stick horse and also a tiara to her cowboy hat. We also got her red tights. Okay you can stop laughing at my kid now!!! Oh who cares, they are only little once and Halloween is a time to look silly anyway, right????

Rombachs Pumpkin Patch

Each year as kids mom and dad took us to Rombachs, so now we all go back as a family to keep tradition. It's really cool to see our toddler pics in front of the HUGE pile of pumpkins and now we have our kiddos in front of the huge pile!!
Here we are sitting in front. Believe it or not it was hot!! We were actually sweating in October!

Izzy sitting on top of the big pumpkins. Her first year we took her she was smaller than the pumpkins and I was able to get some great ones of Aaron holding her up so it looked like she was hiding in them. (on of my fav pics.)

Here's Gma and Gpa and most of the grandkids. We were minus three that day. It was HELL to get them all to sit and take these photos!

Here's all the sisters sitting for a pic. (Jayna, Sandi, me, Stacey) The older we get the more we look alike!!

THe girls were so excited when they saw Dora at the pumpkin patch. Kinda corny but a good photo op!

Picinic in the Park!

After a fun morning at Rombach's we went to a nearby park in Wildwoods, MO. It was actually a park that dad used to patrol when he was a St. Louis Co Police Officer. The kids love the picinic. Since the kiddos were getting restless I took them for a nature walk. We turned the corner and saw this cool tunnel. They were adorable pretending to be playing at a castle. After the convinced Uncle Shawn to take them, so of course I had to follow to take some pics. It was a nice afternoon!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Party

Saturday night Mom had her Halloween party. We all had a great time sitting around the bonfire telling stories (some ghost stories) and just hanging out! Here are some pics of her creative food!!!
Snake Sandwiches that went with her Ghoolish white chili (I could be making some of these names up--I forget what she actually titled them!!)

Spider bites (little smokies in bread with potato sticks for legs--the kiddos loved these!)

Witches Fingers (carrots with almond finger nails and green ranch/dill dip)

Spooky sandwiches (mom makes the BEST homemade pumpernickel and rye bread so she made the bread then cut them out into fun shapes--very cute)

My favorite the dessert table!! There was a little of everything! Devil brownies, pumpkin cookies, rice krispies (I added sprinkles ot make them more Halloweenie!) I also contributed the Orange carmel corn--everyone loved it!! Jayna made a scarecrow layered bean dip for a snack too!
I'm very lucky and blessed to have such a large family that enjoys being together (most of the time anyway!!) We really do have a good time together I love to sit back and just observe everyone! We (meaning the Miederhoff bros/sis) are soooo loud!!

G'pa & G'ma's pumpkin patch!

G'ma and G'pa had a pumpkin patch this year that did very well. So she had each child pick their own pumpkin!!

Here's Gpa helping Jayna and Matti get their pumpkin!
Uncle Shawn and cousin Tommy getting his pumpkin--not a very good pic. of Tommy he's hidden!
Here's the whole pumpkin bunch!!

Part of Mom's party was to go on a Haunted Trail Walk. The Trail had all sorts of fun decorations and even lite pumpkins! She also had an egg hunt(they hide glow in the dark "rotten" eggs and gourds, mini pumpkins, etc. Each little one got their own minature flashlight. THey had a really good time.

Eagle Fork Pumpkin Patch

Izzy, Mommy, Aunt Jayna, Uncle Chris, and baby Matti decided to go to the pumpkin patch Saturday morning. We all had a great time. Enjoy the photos--next week we go to Rombach's!
Izzy picking the perfect pumpkin!

Once again, Izzy recognized her name--this year I decided to pose her to cover the rest of the sign. She kept asking what the other word was--don't worry I didn't tell her!

The Haman family.
Here's Matti showing off her cute patootie Halloween socks!

Matti makes a cute scarecrow too!!

Uncle Chris is sizing up the Haunted House straw maze (Izzy was "scared" to go in by herself and convinced Uncle Chris to go--he's such a great uncle!!

Did I mention Uncle Chris is like 7 feet tall!!! (seriously I didn't think he was going to fit in the maze unless he crawled on his belly!!) He made it through, without a problem!!

Izzy made it through the maze-but she unfortunately had some problems. She was doing fine--for the first 50 trips in. THen she suddenly lost her shoe. Found the shoe then lost her sock!! Such drama. We finally just took her other sock off and left!!! I was horribly embarressed dragging a kid out while she's screaming for a friggn' sock!!! (it was kinda comical)

Eagle Fork Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe how tall Izzy is getting!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothin' better to do!

Okay so I'm behind on blogging!! Shhhhhh. . . I'm bored at work so I have updated and changed my blog background. Super fun since Halloween is one of my fav. holidays!!