Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another view

Here's another view of the table. There's my dad at the far end. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank goodness mom has a big basement. This is just the immediate family. I believe there is close to thirty of us. It's pretty crowded but we have a blast! For Christmas we don't set up the 'banquet' table. We just have a couple small tables. That way the living room is free for opening gifts.

Here's to you!

Izzy and her cousin Jordyn thought they were big stuff toasting each other with their sparkling apple juice.


Izzy playing her first game of Ping Pong. We are at my parents house for Thanksgiving. We were playing a quiet game before the entire crew came over.

Izzy and the Bride

The bride (Kelly Burns, Now Mrs. Nanny) took time to dance with Izzy!

Get Down!

Izzy and Daddy dancing the night away! Wish he looked that happy when I try to get him to dance!

Auntie Stacey

Izzy loves her Aunt Stacey!

Izzy with Gary

Here we are a wedding reception.
This is Izzy with Aunt Stacey's boyfriend. Izzy adores Gary!

Tea Party

This is another favorite pasttime of Ms Izabella. She loves to have a tea party. Of course you have to dress up for a tea party. I had to sneak up on her!

Mermaid Izzy

She absolutely loves this costume. I bought
it at a resale shop. She refused to wear
it for Halloween--because it's not a costume, it's a party dress duh!!

Mermaid Izzy

Gobble Gobble!

Hey watch it Daddy I don't think that's your thumb!!

Turkey Time

Izzy had to decorate
a turkey for preschool. The entire family was supposed to help. So we decided to use our thumbprints! We used lots of different colors. (Thank goodness Mommy is a Stampin' Up demonstrator!!) It turned out really cute!

Izzy's Summer Photos

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cast free!

Look mom, no cast!! Just a really, REALLY itchy leg!

Isn't it lovely!

Her cast was cute for a few days! She decided she didn't like all the pictures on her leg, so she scribbled black all over it!! Isn't is lovely.

Patiently Waiting

It's amazing she is even sitting still let alone smiling. We waited almost a whole hour before being seen by the ortho. surg. Honestly, how hard is it to keep a schedule? Can you tell I'm bitter! Overall, she was pretty good. Iz almost broke my hand as the cast was getting cut off!! She's healed and that is all that really matters. She just has to wear an open heeled shoe until her giant bed sore heals. (It is disgusting) Other wise she is good to go!

Yippee, the cast is off!!

Here the nurse is cutting Izzy's cast off. The nurse was a total witch and chewed us out for letting Iz pull the padding out from around her toes!! Like we can control a 3yr olds every movement!! Witch!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Izzy on a JD???

Auntie Jayna and Uncle Shawn--this pic is for you.
Please note the direction Izzy's thumb is pointing. I believe it's thumbs down for the John Deere. Looks like she more of an IH kinda gal.

This is the worst!!

Izzy noticed her own name at the pumpkin patch. Honest, she walked up and said Izzy and pointed to this sign. Needless to say we did not tell her the rest of the sign--although, being the great parents that we are we made her pose in front of it!! We are horrible!

Go--Go--Speed racer!

Seriously--her broken foot did not slow her down one bit!

Pumpkin Patch

Izzy had a great time at Eagle Fork. We got to the patch really early on a Sunday morning so there was hardly anyone else around. Izzy pretty well had full run of the place.

Going for a ride!

Izzy and her cousin Lydia absolutely love to ride the four wheeler with Grandpa Dennis.

Princess Izzy

Izzy decided to play dress up. Grandpa Dennis and Izzy decided they needed to dance! They really were quite cute!

Playing with kitty

Izzy decided to take her Snow White tiara and put it on Chris and Jayna's cat--Conner. I don't think he minded much!


Izzy wanted to be Cinderella, but of course being a typical girl she changed her mind and decided to dress as Snow White!! Here she is trick or treating at Uncle Chris and Aunt Jayna's house!