Sunday, January 11, 2009


We took Izzy to the movie theatre to watch Marley and Me. We happened to have a bottle of wine in the backseat for the neighbors. Anyhoo-- I guess the movie wore her out cuz when we got home we turned around to get her and this is how we found her. We thought it was hilarious so being the good parents we are-- we had to take her pic and share it!!!

CRAZY Game!!!

Dennis and Janet decided to play this hilarious game with us one evening during Christmas break. (they planned to do it Christmas Eve but we never got to it!) It was hysterical!! Janet wrapped a present then covered it in box tape. We rolled dice 7 or 11 got to put on this huge thick gloves and try to open the package. Basically but by the time I got the gloves on and started picking up the present someone else was stealing hte gloves from me! I know is sounds strange---but with our competitive genes we seriously had a great time!! Izzy really got into it!!

Wonderful News!

For those you have not offically heard. We are FINALLY expecting our second child in August. Izzy has been asking for a sister for a while now. (last year she asked Santa for one!) Here's how we broke the news to the future big sister! I had a t-shirt made that read Only child (with a line thru it) and the words big sister underneath. Then she wore the shirt to our family Christmas so she could announce the news herself. She thought she was such big stuff!

Christmas Photos

I know I'm really late on posting these! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday--we sure did!!