Friday, July 25, 2008

First Dentist Visit!

This was Izzy's first visit to the dentist. She did great!! Now she wants to be a dentist when she gets older!!
We found out her front tooth is dead (she knocked it pretty hard a couple weeks back!) So it will continue to turn gray (hopefully not too much darker!) But everything else is fine! The dentist was great with her!

Tractor Pull

This was Izzy's first Tractor Pull--I know, I know we are bad parents b/c we don't have ear plugs for Izzy. She just wouldn't keep them on!! She thought this was more cool!
One of the instructors I work with owns the NO MERCY. He wanted Izzy to sit up on it. She thought she was big stuff!! Leon is such a softy! Then he walked past and wanted to know why she didn't have the helmet on!! So of course we had to snap some shots of that!!

She was the entertainment in between pulls. This is G'pas hankie (unused!) She is such a mess!
The Semis were Izzy's favorite--I wish I could have gotten a pic of her face!! It was priceless!

Carny Rides!

This was the first year Izzy was really interested in rides. She really wanted to ride the 'big kid' rides! Convinced her she wasn't tall enough!!

We gave several quarters to the monkey!! She loved it!
This is Izzy with Danny (my sister-in-law's nephew) if that makes sense! She was sooo happy to have a friend to ride with Sat. night!

Montgomery County Fair

Agri-Land! This is where Izzy had the most fun at the fair--it took FOREVER to get her out of there!

She was not thrilled about doing this!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Izzy went to VBS at Sacred Heart all last week and had a blast. A special thanks to her 'Goddess' Kate for taking her there each day. Izzy loved every part of this week she came to work with me each day. By Friday she was saying things like I'm going to my office or mom I'm going to hang out with the boys. The guys I work with spoil her ROTTEN!! Infact, one instructor who shall remain nameless bought her a 2 1/2 lb. bag of mini candy bars THANKS--I should have sent Iz home with him!!!! I find wrappers everywhere (until now found a REALLY good hiding spot!)

Can u tell VBS had a western theme!! They even had someone bring in a pony for pictures!
Here she is decorating her bandana (too bad they spelled her name wrong!!)

Weekend Swimming

This past Sunday when it was hotter than H#@!! we all met up at moms for a relaxing day in the pool. (and I didn't get any color at all can u believe it!!)
Izzy posing for a pic with me and Aunt Stac
Here's a pic of all my sisters and mom. Of course Izzy had to be in it too--love the googles-don't u?? From left to right izzy, me, stac, mom, jayna, sandi
G'ma was such a good sport--Izzy was playing beauty shop we each had to take a turn getting our hair washed--the reason this was picture worthy is because mom NEVER gets her face or hair wet (like seriously we don't splash or jump anything around her)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fouth of July

Seriously we have a ton of photos of from the 4th so enjoy them!!!


This year we went to the Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. We met up with Jayna and Chris again. We sat with them, G'ma & G'pa Freymuth, and the Mense's
Here's Izzy coloring with our neighbors. They were in the row behind us. If u have never been to the fairgrds. for fireworks--it really is a family affair. Everyone brings stuff for the kiddos to play with and they all just have a great time waiting for the big show.
Can u believe we had to have coats and blankets in July!!! INSANE!!
Here's my attempt at capturing the fireworks. It really was neat to be so close to them!! Izzy loved it except for the loud booms each time.

Lil' Miss Farmer

Okay, in Bellflower they mean business when it comes to baby shows!!! We thought it would be fun to put Izzy in. Well we get there and they are all dressed up in adorable hats and boots. We were not quite country enough. The little girl to the left of Izzy won. Iz just looked at her and started crying--it was so sad and SOOOOO funny at the same time. Who knew she would be so upset. We convienced her they judged on outfits and mommy didn't buy the right one. (Don't want her getting a complex about not being pretty!! )

Still 4th of July!!!

Here are some more pics from the 4th. Here we are getting ready for the babyshow/Lil' Miss Farmer contest.

Playing at the park.

Playing around

Oh we are so proud of our Izzy-- She's gonna be a fashion queen some day!! She was riding around in her swimsuit with rubber boats on!! She was just trying to fit in with Bellflower (just kidding!!)
She caught me with the camera and wanted to pose!! What a mess she is!!

We went to the parade in downtown Bellflower. My sister Jayna and her husband Chris came up to watch the parade and then spend the day at the Bellflower park with their friends. I made these goodie bags for the girls. At the end of the parade Izzys was full of candy!! She was pretty excited and pretty hyper!!

For a small town--it really was a cute parade. The huge blazer is being driven by Karen (one of Jay's best friends) Izzy thought it was so neat!! Karen looked pretty good driving it!! :)

Grand Old Flag

We celebrated the Fourth of July in Bellflower. G'ma Janet started the morning by putting up flags all around the house.
Izzy had a hard time getting some in the ground. She was such a big helper (notice she is still in her jammies--we got there really early Aaron wanted to smoke some pork and he was BBQing some ribs so he had to get the fire on early!)

Jayna's Baby Shower

Here is the guest of honor! My sister is due August 21. We are so very excited for her. Here are pics of the shower we through for her at the end of June. She received tons of great gifts!!
Here is a pic of Izzy eating with Aunt Nancy, G'ma Janet and cousin Lydia. The kiddos had a blast!
Here's my watermelon baby carriage. It turned out super cute. (I just had to put this on here!! :)
Here's Jay's cake. She is ADDICTED to handbags. So this was in honor of her addiction. My sister Sandi made this cake to match Jayna's new JP Lizzey diaper bag. It turned out pretty cute!