Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Izzy went to VBS at Sacred Heart all last week and had a blast. A special thanks to her 'Goddess' Kate for taking her there each day. Izzy loved every part of this week she came to work with me each day. By Friday she was saying things like I'm going to my office or mom I'm going to hang out with the boys. The guys I work with spoil her ROTTEN!! Infact, one instructor who shall remain nameless bought her a 2 1/2 lb. bag of mini candy bars THANKS--I should have sent Iz home with him!!!! I find wrappers everywhere (until now found a REALLY good hiding spot!)

Can u tell VBS had a western theme!! They even had someone bring in a pony for pictures!
Here she is decorating her bandana (too bad they spelled her name wrong!!)

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PAT said...

Cute pictures Steph! I saw your mom at Michael's, Sunday.

The name is Audrain. I looked up counties and there is no info on where the county got it's name. But someone...I think Aunt Ruth's granddaughter and others, did some genealogical research. Pierre Audrain came from France. He had a son who served in the legislature when St Charles was the capital. Apparently, they named the county after him.
I'm keeping it a big secret to see if anyone figures it out. I never thought Audrain was a French name, but it is. It was Dorothea's maiden name.