Sunday, July 13, 2008


This year we went to the Fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. We met up with Jayna and Chris again. We sat with them, G'ma & G'pa Freymuth, and the Mense's
Here's Izzy coloring with our neighbors. They were in the row behind us. If u have never been to the fairgrds. for fireworks--it really is a family affair. Everyone brings stuff for the kiddos to play with and they all just have a great time waiting for the big show.
Can u believe we had to have coats and blankets in July!!! INSANE!!
Here's my attempt at capturing the fireworks. It really was neat to be so close to them!! Izzy loved it except for the loud booms each time.

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PAT said...

Looks like a great 4th of July, Steph.

We were all at the lake over the 4th. The weather was perfect! We just got back Friday after spending more time, there. We'll probably go back next week. The plan was to spend more time there when Jim retired. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and we spent the first half of the year at drs and at the hospital. After all that, he was definitely ready for some fishing!

I came by to find the link about publishing the blog in book form. I have 200 posts, now. I just published the 200th, yesterday. Anyway, it's been lots of fun and lots of work, so I thought I should get it printed up, before it disappears into the ether!

I'll continue blogging, of course. It's a great hobby we both enjoy. But I thought if I can get these 200 printed, it would be great. Then I'll cross the other "200" bridge when I come to it.

Have a great week!