Friday, March 19, 2010

Pinkalicious slide show

Here is the slideshow from Izzy's Pinkalicious Birthday party. Enjoy!! :)

**To see other photos scroll down to the Pinkalicious posts.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My big 6yr old!

Izzy for her birthday recieved an aluminum bat from Gma and Gpa. She thought she was sooo cool swinging it around . . . that is until she whacked herself in the head. She so graceful!! LOL!

So know she was able to open the rest of her gifts with an icepack on her head. I was still laughing so hard that I did not get any more pics!! But she did get a tball stand and we got her a new pink and purple sparkle glove!

Izzy got a cake decorating kit from her aunt and uncle. Let's just say the cakes are extremely small (made 30 seconds in the microwave) and then u get to roll out fondant and decorate. Not sure if she's just too young or what--but this was her special cake she made.

Looks yummy doesn't it!

Yuck-O!!!! She ate the whole thing tho!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ice Skating

Izzy wanted to go ice skating for her birthday. So of course her daddy said yes, We took her to the Rec Plex in St. Peters. We got our skates, and THEN i find out Aaron has never been ice skating!! I was like WHAT? He expected me to teach him AND izzy to skate. Needless to say the day did NOT go smoothly! LOL!

Here my baby girl decided to make a lap on the wall by herself! I was standing feeling completely helpless and scared to death for her! I just knew she was going to get her fingers cut off!! She kept trying to skate out to the middle of the rink--where the "professional"kids were! (seriously there were little girls in performance outfits skating!!) That would be Izzy across the rink falling down!

Holding on for dear life!

Death grip on her daddy--not a good combo! Iz fell and took him wiht her he landed face first and slammed his shoulder in the ice. He's still whining about it!!!

Overall he was a great sport and I think he enjoyed himself! NOt sure when or if he'll ever go back again! LOL!

Pinkalicious Party

Heres a pic of the garage the nite before. Pink explosion!
Pink food--pink marshmellows, strawberries, choc covered strawberries with sprinkles, grapes, pink fruit dip, lots of pink candies, pink lemonade, and strawberry jelly and peanut butter sammies cut in heart shapes

THe pinata was the hit of the party, I wish it were pink but it worked! We also played musical chairs, and pin the cherry on the cupcake!!

So sweet! Gotta love the grandmas!!!!

Izzy's 6th Bday!

Izzy chose to have a Pinkalicious birthday party based on her current favorite book! Everything turned out super cute. Pink is a fairly easy theme! Mom made the matching shirts for me and Izabella.
the girls playing a game of musical chairs

All the pinkeriffic girls!! Loved the feather boas ( Super cheap too!

The girls coloring some pages before the party starts, I also had the girls sign the Pinkalicious book.

A view of the garage the nite before--don't worry for the party we moved the ladder and bicycle outside! LOL!

Bellflower Carnival

We took Izzy to the Bellflower Carnival again this year. She has such a good time playing all the games! It's a great fundraiser idea for schools! The only game we didn't get to do was the cake walk! :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peace Ball Assembly

Izzy's school has been studing peace. They had a group from St. Louis come in that set up stations that were about peace. Either peace with themselves, peace with others, peace in the world, peace for eht planet. Here are some random pics of that day. Izzy's favorite station was the dressing up in costumes from cultures all around the world. My station was making a world flag to represent peace. Overall it was a very good time and I'm glad i volunteered for it! :)

Leann Wommack, Reba, and George Strait!

Went to the George Strait concert in Feb. The opening performance was L. Wommack, then Reba, THEN my man, George. By far Reba was the best performer of the nite!!! I enjoyed the evening with Karen, Candice, and Jayna. Thanks Karen for getting us amazing seats!!! :) Of course i don't have any good pics of George--I think I was too busy singing.

Louisville, Kentucky, Tractor Pull

Aaron and his father go to Louisville in Feb every year for the Nat'l Farm show. This year Aaron invited me. I was NOT looking forward to it at all! But it turned out to be a LOT more fun then I thought. We met lots of nice people, there are several "local boys" there too! Here are some random pics from those couple of days. Aaron would LOVE to buy the new Case International's version of a mule/gator. Keep dreaming! LOL!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!!

We finally got enough snow to make snowmen! We didn't even wait for it to stop snowing! We got home and started playing!!! Not sure why Izzy was posing the way she was . . . she's just special like that!

Valentine's Day

This year I decided I wanted something special for her valentine's I found this idea on the internet and added my own unique twist onto it! :)

I had her stand with her hand out in front of her easel. She wanted to write the message but it was too sloppy for me (I know a good mom would have let it go!) LOL! Anyhoo--I printed out the pics, took an exacto knife and cut a small slit in in the top and bottom of her fist and slid a lollipop in. They were super cute if i do say so myself!!! Plus since i waited until Walgreens gave thier 10 cent print sale, they weren't even that expensive to do! :)

Snow Angels

Handmade gifts

This was the handmade gift I made for my mother-in-law. It's a matching game for the grandkids. I worked with my sister in law collecting some of our favorite pictures. I then made copies so I had 2 each and then modge podged them to card board. To dress them up a bit I chose a pale blue paper for hte top side of the cards, then I chose to add brown polka dots (which if i could do over again I would chose something other than dots b/c it makes them look like dominoes!!!) I used some brown distressing ink around the edges too! The girls love to play with them. They were an easy gift--just time consuming

I decorated a small tin to hold the cards. I just used some random brown rub-ons that I had. OVerall it was a cute project that I will definately make again!