Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Again???

Yup one last trip to the pumpkin patch. Aaron didn't get to go with me and Izzy to Eagle Fork so we decided to go this Sunday. Needless, to say I'm sick of pumpkin patches!!! But we had a good time and Izzy got to ride on a hayride.

Izzy picking a pumpkin

Here we are on the hayride. We had a good time Charlie the owner talked to us for most of the ride. (he was teaching his grandson to drive the tractor) I didn't realize Aaron was their very first employee (he was in the 7th grade and worked until he was sophmore in college) So now I understand why he wants to go each year. They had a great time talking about how much the place has changed. I learned that aaron helped build most of the trail. IT really was a fun afternoon.

Wow don't they both look happy I'm making them take this pic!!

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PAT said...

Uncle J and I are enjoying your trips to the punkin patch, this afternoon!