Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Princess Cowgirl!

So we asked Izzy what she wanted to be for Halloween. She answers us with a cowgirl. . no a Princess Cowgirl. So how the heck are we gonna do this?? Leave it to me to make my child look like a freak!!! Seriously this costume looked much cuter in my head!!! I made her a red tutu (not fun!!) and we added the red hat and boots.

Since these pics have been taken I've added the stick horse and also a tiara to her cowboy hat. We also got her red tights. Okay you can stop laughing at my kid now!!! Oh who cares, they are only little once and Halloween is a time to look silly anyway, right????

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The Schneider's said...

That is too awesome, I am loving the costume, cracks me up!