Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rombachs Pumpkin Patch

Each year as kids mom and dad took us to Rombachs, so now we all go back as a family to keep tradition. It's really cool to see our toddler pics in front of the HUGE pile of pumpkins and now we have our kiddos in front of the huge pile!!
Here we are sitting in front. Believe it or not it was hot!! We were actually sweating in October!

Izzy sitting on top of the big pumpkins. Her first year we took her she was smaller than the pumpkins and I was able to get some great ones of Aaron holding her up so it looked like she was hiding in them. (on of my fav pics.)

Here's Gma and Gpa and most of the grandkids. We were minus three that day. It was HELL to get them all to sit and take these photos!

Here's all the sisters sitting for a pic. (Jayna, Sandi, me, Stacey) The older we get the more we look alike!!

THe girls were so excited when they saw Dora at the pumpkin patch. Kinda corny but a good photo op!

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