Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here's Matti showing off her cute patootie Halloween socks!

Matti makes a cute scarecrow too!!

Uncle Chris is sizing up the Haunted House straw maze (Izzy was "scared" to go in by herself and convinced Uncle Chris to go--he's such a great uncle!!

Did I mention Uncle Chris is like 7 feet tall!!! (seriously I didn't think he was going to fit in the maze unless he crawled on his belly!!) He made it through, without a problem!!

Izzy made it through the maze-but she unfortunately had some problems. She was doing fine--for the first 50 trips in. THen she suddenly lost her shoe. Found the shoe then lost her sock!! Such drama. We finally just took her other sock off and left!!! I was horribly embarressed dragging a kid out while she's screaming for a friggn' sock!!! (it was kinda comical)

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