Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Party

Saturday night Mom had her Halloween party. We all had a great time sitting around the bonfire telling stories (some ghost stories) and just hanging out! Here are some pics of her creative food!!!
Snake Sandwiches that went with her Ghoolish white chili (I could be making some of these names up--I forget what she actually titled them!!)

Spider bites (little smokies in bread with potato sticks for legs--the kiddos loved these!)

Witches Fingers (carrots with almond finger nails and green ranch/dill dip)

Spooky sandwiches (mom makes the BEST homemade pumpernickel and rye bread so she made the bread then cut them out into fun shapes--very cute)

My favorite the dessert table!! There was a little of everything! Devil brownies, pumpkin cookies, rice krispies (I added sprinkles ot make them more Halloweenie!) I also contributed the Orange carmel corn--everyone loved it!! Jayna made a scarecrow layered bean dip for a snack too!
I'm very lucky and blessed to have such a large family that enjoys being together (most of the time anyway!!) We really do have a good time together I love to sit back and just observe everyone! We (meaning the Miederhoff bros/sis) are soooo loud!!


morrisonmar said...

Super cute, Steph!

Robbyn said...

What a fabulous party !! I love how creative your family is !! To much fun !!

JenzMom said...

I think you truly are blessed to have such a great family, and such a creative mom!

PAT said...

I think it's great how all you guys get along too. My girls are very close and for this, I feel very blessed.

Everything looks wonderful.

I loved the Eagle Fork visit. I think Kim is bringing Noah up, sometime. I hope so, because that was Xanti's first pumpkin patch. They went to Fenton the other day..not such a great pumpkin patch as Charles and Laura's.

The Claborn's said...

Wow-- made me hungry!! You will have to share the recipes!