Monday, August 11, 2008

The Annual Beer Belly BBQ Contest!!

We were invited to Brian and Karen's Annual Beer Belly BBQ Contest in Bellflower. For those of you who don't know it, Karen is considered one of our sisters. She is one of Jayna's best friends and was ALWAYS around the house we they were younger. We got to know Brian really well wehn we all went to Mexico. Brian and Aaron have a lot in common (except Brian is a JD fan!!) He owns a beautiful farm just outside of Bellflower. Brian has a super organized competition for the BBQ with several different categories he also invites the wives/ladies to enter a dessert contest. He actually has trophies made (I should have taken a close up pic they are hysterical with a fat beer bellied man on them!!) I should have gotten a pic of Karen and Brian. I'll get one this weekend and post later!! :)

Okay onto the contest. This year Aaron decided to enter and make Ribs. Mom also decided to enter and make Raspberry Chipotle Chicken (VERY YUMMY and easy!!)

Here's a pic of Aaron's Ribs---TASTY!!

Here's a pic of Karen and Aaron BBQing in the shed. I really think they were having a contest between themselves to see who could drink the most!! Karen won--she makes one heck of a plugged watermelon!!

Here's mom outside with her rigged BBQ grill. Pretty clever dad!! All those other guys had fancy grills and smokers--mom had a weber in a bucket!! LOL!!

And the WINNER IS . . .

Aaron won FIRST Place for his entry in the Pork!! Yeah!!

Mom won 2nd place with her chicken!!

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