Saturday, August 2, 2008

Car/Tractor Show

Aaron competed in the Downtown Troy Car Show today. He won first place again!! Last year he entered this same tractor and won first!! He wanted to have the M finished but unfortunatly it's not quite show ready! He'll have it finished for next weekend in Mont. City.

Here's a shot from where Aaron was parked. He was in fron to Finley's Shoe Store. He got there early enough to get a shady spot. It was horribly hot today!! Izzy and I only lasted a couple of hours (I spent a good part of that time in the scrapbook store!! Got lots of goodies!!)
Izzy eating her cotton candy. If you ever get a chance to go to this car show next year--it's worth it. It was fun seeing old friends! Plus it's kinda cool to see some of those old time cars! Some of these people go all out restoring their cars!! Overall it's fun--if you can stand the heat!! As soon as Miss Iz wakes up from her nice LONG nap (guess the heat got to her) we are off to go swimming!

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