Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montgomery Old Threashers

We enjoyed a great weekend at Montgomery Old Threashers Here is a picture of Izzy sitting on Aaron's restored tractor. She's all decked out in Farmall red. She has on her Farmall t-shirt and her red tractor socks (she was pretty proud of herself!)

Izzy's highlight of the weekend was the pony rides. Not quite sure how many rides she took. In this pic she is riding Ernie. (sad that I knew the ponies names!!)

Each day the Old Threashers have the Parade of Power so here is Aaron riding in it. I chose to go out with the girls Friday night so I didn't get any pics of him and his dad riding in the parade in Mont. City. They said it was pretty neat they rode thru town into the fairgrounds. Maybe next year (doubtful if it coincides with the Festival!!)

Riding with daddy!! It was pretty cute she was waving at all the people walking by!!

This one is for the boys I work with. This is an old crane. Believe it or not I actually had a really good time and am looking forward to our five day trip to Iowa in the next few weeks!

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