Monday, August 11, 2008

Izzy had a great time at the BBQ but the girls were several years older than Izzy so they were incredible nice and let Izzy tag a long with them. They even tried to teach her to ride a big girl bike!!! It was pretty comical!! She eventually gave up! That or the girls gave up. They also taught her all about Webkins (which she actually has one--but I didn't understand what to do with it--apparently it's all the rage with girls age 7-9) Brian has a computer in the shop and his daughter (who is absolutely adorable!) was teaching us about webkins. Izzy was also the hit of the party thanks to Aunt Stacey. She gave Iz this really cool new ball and a funky frisbee. That's how Izzy lured the big kids around her!! :) Of course she didnt' want to leave and had to hug all her new found friends goodbye!

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