Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Concrete Time!

Seriously they made this look way to easy! I think that's why you see so many St. Peter's Street workers standing around! (I just know I'm going to get in trouble with this post!!) Honestly they did a whole lot more of sitting around drinking and BS-ing than actual labor. Just kidding they did break a sweat. They earned their cold beverages. Thank you so much for doing this guys!

Aaron is in the bright yellow/green shirt. Chris is helping move the concrete. (His wife Tammy came over --she's a blast, then their poor daughter Kylie (aka izzy's new best friend) was stuck with Izzy. That girl has the patience of a Saint. She is the most well mannered sweetest nine year old I think we've ever met. Most big kids tell Izzy to buzz off. She was great with her--I'm thinking she's gonna be a great babysitter in the future!

Here's Frank (in the shorts--looking so serious) Aaron car pools with him to work each week. He's a great guy--and he's single ladies!!!

This is Frank and Mark. I have to be nice to Mark --he has bad stories of me from the last time we all went out!! He's a really fun guy and his wife Tina, is hysterical!! (she reminds me of Robbyn!) Aaron is very lucky to have such great people to work with!!

Wonder why I keep getting pics of all their butts?? I'm starting to think St. Peters could make money selling calendars of their employees!!!! What do ya think ladies??

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