Thursday, December 4, 2008


I took some pics of Aaron and Izzy in the field. Aaron spent most of the Fall helping Roy Cope in Truxton get his crops out. One Sunday he decided to take Izzy. She had sooooo much fun! I think he's gonna make a farmer out of her yet!!!

After visiting Izzy and Aaron I decided to visit the inlaws. Dennis needed some pics fo the restored tractor to enter it in a contest. (unfortunately it did not win) Anyhoo--here's a good pic of the tractor.

Can u believe in 30 years I never once rode in a tractor while Aaron was harvesting. The three of us sat in the tractor for a good hour. (sorry I'm not into farming as much as them--I was way past bored after an hour!!!)

I thought they looked so cute before they left. Love Izzy's purple bibs don't you???

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