Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Annual Cookie Making

This past Sunday was the Sisters annual cookie making day. (and what a LONG day it is!) Here are a few pics from the day. We start with making cookies, then break for lunch, this year we each brought something to add to a salad bar, then we bake again, eventually we break and open our handmade gifts. I'll have to go home and take pics of all my gifts. WE have some very talentd ladies in the family. The rule is to spend $5 or less and the gift needs to be homemade. Of course, everyone tries to outdo each other and meke some really unique gift. (not me, I took the easy way! I made cake pedestal plates--I glued a clear glass plate on top of a candlestick holder!! Super EASY and quick too! I'll post a pic later!
Here are me and stac posing for a pic, not sure who Stac is looking at??

Sara and Diane setting up for lunch.

Sarah making her fudge. It turned out really good!!

Sara putting more cookies onto the pool table. Ridiculous how many cookies we make!

Sandi and me (don't I look happy to be in the picture!!)

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Jayna said...

Why is there no pics of me????? I thought I was your favorite sister!!!!!!!