Friday, December 19, 2008

Izzy's preschool program

Izzy's preschool Christmas program was last night. I absolutely love seeing all those litte kiddos dressed up! They were so cute! Here are some random completely out of order shots from the night.
This is G'ma/G'pa posing with their grandaughters after the program in church.

Meg, Izzy, and G'ma Janet posing at the Woods Fort rest.

Obviously our little princess doesn't get out enough. She was so impressed with the fancy napkins and fancy water glass. (it's not like the usual McDonalds!) She was so ladylike!! (well except for the napkin tucked in her dress!!

Izzy was posing after Aunt Jayna curled her hair. ( I just love it all curly!!) Not sure what this pose is all about. I think she's gonna be a super model some day! LOL!

Jayna curling Izzy's hair. The kid kept squirming around. All I can say is Jayna has the patience of a saint when it comes to fixing or cutting little kids hair--exceptially Izzys! Thanks Jayna she looked adorable!

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