Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homemade Gifts

Here are some more handmade gifts from my family members. THis first one is from Sarah. She has a custom framing/matting business. She does a FABULOUS job!!

Sandi made homemade scrapbooks for us. They are actually made from wood. It looks like she took a lot of time on these!! Can't wait to fill mine up!

Diane gave each of us microwave potatoe bags. She says they are really cool to use. Can't wait to try mine out--I got a whole case of sweet potatoes that I need to use up!! LOL

Stac gave us each individual dip mixes. She gave us quite a few. Then she bought (CHEATER!!) cute little ceramic dip holders. The dip goes in top and ice is below. It's a really cute gift idea! If any one is interested in making their own dips or seasonings here's the site I recommend!

Sara made these adorable photo trees! They turned out super cute. She even made them to leave out year round. We can change the ribbon and take the star off! Very cute (this one was my fav!)

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