Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eatin' Watermelon

Here are the kiddos eating watermelon. They were just so darn cute. There's Izzy(4), the twins Jordyn and Jared(5) and Tommy(3 in July). Mom loved this pic.

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PAT said...

Hi Steph

We didn't know if you were seeing the blogs, yet.Pleasant surprise to see your comment. Have you been to the other one, Back Porch Musings? I just started the snapshots blog, not long ago. I've really been getting into photography more and more! Lots of along with the blogs, I now have some fairly "decent" hobbies!

We just got back from the lake. I have comment approval, because I had a couple of those strangely weird comments! OH MY! Anyway, yours is the first I opened, this morning. We are so happy you like the blogs. In many ways they are our blogs, not just mine. We're headed back to the lake tomorrow evening. Only came home to get Xanti a new phone and see her awhile before she goes back to Montana.

I'll publish my comments when we return from St Charles, this afternoon.

Our complex has been working on wiring for internet access, so I'm in the market for a good laptop, to take with me to the lake and on our little trips.

Maybe sometime you all can camp in Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The park surrounds our place, so we could get together, easily.

We've heard from the other Stephanie Freymuth recently. She's living in Wentzville now.

Oh yes, about your comment, thanks so much. Little Miss Gabi is quite the poser. It's quite possible she is already planning her wedding!

Love, "P&J"