Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Red Power Pics

Read the next post to know what the RED POWER ROUNDUP is--I'm too tired to explain again!! This nice lady was giving rides (for free) to any kiddo wanting one. Izzy loved it (notice the IH shirt--I'm wearing one too)
Our camp site had this awesome playset. It also had an inground pool. So we had a great time when we needed a break from tractors. WE've decided to camp there again--just for a short get away!
This is Tracto. It was made completely from Tractor parts (IH of course) Aaron knows the guy who was displaying this (he used to have a museum in Moscow Mills) He bought Izzy the Tracto book and had it signed by the author. It is a cute keepsake--unfortunately she doesn't get to play/read it its' put on the shelf with hsi tractor collection for when she's older. But it was a nice suprise gift!!
Here's Izzy milking a cow in one of the exhibit halls. She thought it was pretty neato.
THis is a map where you put a pin in from whereever you are from. It gives you a pretty good idea how far some travel for this.

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