Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hay Crew

We were putting up hay tonight and Izzy and Lydi kept me company in the truck.
I have to laugh this is Tony, Dennis and Janet's neighbor (a super nice guy) he's a retired operator so I just thought this was commical how he was picking up hay (figured the operators I work with would enjoy this)
Taking a break while the hay is being put in the barn. Thankfully-I am only asked to drive--and am thankful for that!!
Izzy thought she should climb up and help Aunt Nancy out.


The Freymuth's said...

just seeing if I can leave a comment? I can't seem to leave one on others!

The Claborn's said...

Love all the new pictures! I laughed out loud about the Case IH information-- tell Aaron he should paint his tractor green! :) Tell everyone we said HELLO! Jes