Friday, August 7, 2009

Raging Rivers Cont.. . . .

More Raging Rivers

Each time the bucket fills up with water it tips and pours over so the kids love standing there and getting drowned!

Izzy was too worried about the bucket dropping water than to look at daddy with the camera!

Here's a pic of Izzy coming down the slide. Okay well really it's the best pic I got of her --not that u can see her or anything! LOL!

THis is Aaron being spit out of the flusher. In all the years I've been to Raging Rivers--never once have i done this!! U go down a long slide and then roll around in the funnel until u drop--I am not exaggerateing aaron rolled around 5 times before dropping. U just stand there and listen to them rolling and clunking around!!!

Izzy loved it! She chose to go in the one that was an enclosed funnel so it was dark!!! Crazy kid!

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