Monday, August 31, 2009

Angel of Hope Ceremony

The Angel of Hope Ceremony took place on Saturday August 29th. It was an amazing thing to witness and be a part of. This angel is only the 2nd in Missouri. THere are less than 70 in the United States. The angel is for the memorial of any child who has died. The are memorial bricks around the statue. Our brick is ordered in memory of our son, Ben, and will be placed at a ceremony in November.

Here is the angel lit up at night at the end of the ceremony. It's absolutely breath taking--if u ever get a chance to take a moment and visit her she is in Weinand Park in Troy, MO (across from McCoy and Blossom funeral home)

Part of the ceremony had guest speakers. One of which was Mandy Murphy a fox 2 news anchor. SHe has lost 3 children. She gave a great speech that touched me. She talked about how people have good intentions when they walk up and ask oh hey hows the baby didn't u just have her? And when she answers we lost the baby they reply oh it's okay u'll get over it. I can't even imagine how hard it would have been for her considering she announced on the air that she was preggo and then to lose the baby with everyone knowing. Awful!

They also released balloons during the ceremony. I thought this would be simple to get through b/c we released balloons at Ben's burial. But oh, my goodness was I wrong! All these parents are shouting to their children (u just had to be there--it's making me tear up to think about it) It was a beautiful moment.

I got roses for our family members adn added Ben's footprints and on the back was the poem I read at his burial. (u know me can't leave anything plain jane!)

Here is a quick pic of my family. Unfortunately it was a busy night so the only ones who could make it were, my mom and dad, my sister jayna and her husband, my older sister Sandi. In November both sides of the family will be there. I can't wait to see how the brick turns out.

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The Flinns said...

This is a great organization isnt it? I had considered getting involved last year after our loss--but I couldnt bare to go to that alone---you are SO BLESSED to have family that would be there to support you through things like that! Prayers and Love,