Friday, August 7, 2009

4th of July!

On the fourth of July we ran ALOT!! We went to both sets of Grandparents houses for visits and ended the night with our friends! We had an absolute blast!
HEre is Izzy with a sparkler--she was fasinated by them! :)

I kept trying to get a pic of Tim and his girls but they are constantly moving--imagine that! LOL!

Here is Jay with his sparkler. The reason for the big tshirt--it poured down rain and the kiddos got soaked. Don't laugh -- my kiddo ended up with dry clothes that I brought--but duh i didn't think about dry undies! so she borrowed a pair. Thank goodness for friends--right! Love em! :)

Here are teh wonderful darlings! Gotta love poor Addison the youngest of the group!

Here is Ava with her sparkler! All the kiddos had a great time! Thanks for the invite--hope it becomes a tradition! :)

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