Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day Continued!!!!!

Here are some more pics!
Here she is in the morning. The teacher was busy so I never got a pic with her before school started--don't worry--I got one after school! :)

Okay so I had to take this pic to show how weird the bathrooms are at Izzy's school. So u can see her Kindergarten door and look the sinks are right outside. Then the stalls are on either side (girls on the left, boys on the right) Different huh?? Okay so maybe it's just me! LOL

Izzy putting her things away. Such a big girl!

Waited almost 25 minutes after school let out to get a picture of Izzy with her teacher. (i'm sure she thinks I'm a stalker!!!) I was NOT missing this chance! So here she is! It's gonna be a great year!

Izzy enjoying her Sinclair icecream after her first day of school. Who knew a gas station would have such good icecream! LOl we weren't the only ones! Gotta love small towns! P.s. Try the birhtday cake--it's amazing!! :)

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Stephanie Freymuth said...

Awe! Glad you did not cry! That only makes it harder for the child, I'm sure. (not that I have any) :)

About the bathrooms, our's were the same way up until the 6th grade. We did not have sinks, but yet a big round one with a foot push for the water. It was neato, for 1993. :)