Friday, August 7, 2009

Mo Co Fair

Izzy on the carasel(?) We love going to the MoCO fair b/c it's soooo much smaller than Troy's. She was able to ride every ride she wanted and we only waited in line ONCE!!! IT's wonderful when u have a little kid and don't have to worry about waiting FOREVER!!
Izzy and Gpa Dennis watching the tractor pull. (looks very similar to last years pic huh? Check it out here
Izzy going down the giant slide--it was too boring for her! When did she get so grown up?

She absolutely LOVED the swings. I seriously thought I was going to puke watching her. I was sick with worry! I'm such a freak--I HATE carnival rides (seriously any ride u can pack up in a couple hours and drive down the road can not be safe!!!!) But I sucked it up and let her go--OVER and OVER again!! I mean that thing went pretty fast and pretty high! Friggin daredevil! Where did she get it from??!!

Izzy on the dragon

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