Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of School!

SO it's the night before her first day of Kindergarten. We still hadn't decided on an outfit. Wasn't that always the greatest part of school the back to school clotehs? I still remember how it felt to pick the perfect outfit for the first day. She did a quick fashion show before deciding on her black skirt and green shirt. She decided not to go "too dressy" the girl cracks me up!!

The next important step for the first day of school is breakfast! She picked her fav--biscuits and gravy--although she didn't really eat very much--guess she was too nervous??

Next big step--lunch! Aaron packed her lunch while I was gettting her dressed and doing hair. He got such a big kick out of doing it! He even cut her sammie in half!!! :) Such a cute dad!! He did scold me for writing on her napkin (which HE packed!) He said the others would make fun of her--I politely reminded him that she nor the others would even be able to READ it!!! LOL!!! I figured the hearts would get her attention! :)

Izzy went to bed early so the school fairy visited our house!!! The school fairy brought her all kinds of fun stuff! She got a new puzzle, Tinkerbell playing cards, new pencils, a paint book, and even a sticker book! She just thinks the school fairy is the neatest lady!!! LOL!! The things we do for our kids! wink, wink!!!

Lastly, the supplies. Oh the feeling of new school supplies, takes u back doesn't it?? Nothing like using a new box of crayons or that first page of ur notebook! I know my little girl will have a FANTASTIC year! I am sooo proud of her (and me for not crying!) My advice to parents everywhere--cherish every moment with ur little ones they grow too quickly!! Soon she'll be off to college! LOL!

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