Friday, August 7, 2009

Fair Parade!

This year Jayna was on the ball and had us walk in the fair parade for her salon. We had a good time--or at least pretended to! It was hot, sticky,and a long walk uphill!! But we all made it! :)
Here's dad taking a ride on the back of the gator at the end of the parade.

Here are the 'walkers' mom embroidered t-shirts for us and made a cute sign for the gator. We are very lucky to have such a talented, wonderful mom!

I had to throw this pic in. I work for this crew. I have worked for Nick and Kathy for years -- they treat me wonderfully and I love working with them! :)

Izzy and Aaron on the gator. I kept explaining to her that if she rode in the parade she wouldn't see it or catch candy--she was totally okay with that! Weird huh? Anyhoo--she had a blast waving at everyone. (notice again the cute dress--handmade by me! I'm getting a little better! LOL!

Jayna posing next to her sign! The sign was covered in plastic because it kept raining all day--but of course an hour before the parade it completely clears up and the sun comes out so it was nice and humid for the parade! Gotta love MO weather!

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