Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trunk or Treat????

trunk or treating. Izzy's preschool (which is a church run school) had their first ever trunk or treat. Basically the members of the church decorated their trunks (some really cool themes) and some even dressed up themselves and handed out candy. It was the coolest thing!! First off it was great to see some of the other school kiddos and actually take the time to talk to their parents, second it was just really cool!! This will be a regular stop each year!
Here is what the parking lot looked like

One family had a golf theme going and depending on how many hits it took to get in the hole determined how many pieces of candy you got (limit three hits!!)

Here is one of the decorated trunks.

Here is a pic of Izzy at her first trick or treat spot. We stopped by the John Deere dealership to visit Uncle Shawn. He was not impressed with our costume (he had to ask what she was--just gotta know my brother!!)

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